What Is a Staffing Company and How Can It Benefit Your Business? 

What Is a Staffing Company and How Can It Benefit Your Business

Adding new talent to your team can be a hefty task. You’ve got to spell out the job requirements, run interviews, add them to your payroll, go through the orientation process, and so much more. Quite a process, right? But what if you could wish to the universe for the perfect team member, and voila, they appear? Well, that’s what a staffing company is. 

What Is a Staffing Company 

So, let’s start by defining a staffing company. Staffing companies, also known as staffing agencies, match job seekers with companies looking for new talent. They handle the recruitment and hiring processes and continue to manage the employees throughout their contracts. Picture it as your personalized hiring assistant, taking care of all tasks associated with the new hiring. 

The difference between staffing companies and standard contract employment is that workers are paid by the staffing agency, not the organization they are performing the work for. 

In other words, staffing companies are the ones that find candidates for your team, run interviews, hire the right talent, add them to their payroll, manage their vacations, monitor their performance, and even terminate their contracts. And you? You just tell them what you need, approve, and pay a monthly fee. There are different scenarios where companies turn to staffing agencies. 

Use Case 1: Sales Representatives for The Holiday Season 

Let’s say you work in a company that provides everything necessary to run an office: tons of paper, ink, and other supplies. And the holidays are your busiest time of the year. Wouldn’t having an extra pair of hands for the season be great? 

Hiring sales representatives for the holiday season is something many companies do to prepare themselves for the holidays. According to TimeRack, 16 million temporary employees are hired every year.   

Hiring your extra help for the holiday season through a staffing company can save you a lot of time and effort. The staffing agency can handle everything from finding the right reps to ending their contract. 

Use Case 2: You Need Special Skill for a New Project 

Let’s say you’re a telecom company developing a new product to innovate within the industry. But you need the help of a programmer with a specialized skill set in this project. 

This leads to two significant challenges: 1) Finding the person with the specialized skill set (since it’s a complex profile to find) and 2) Taking a load of work just for the talent of one single player. The time you can invest in preparing yourself and your team for the project. 

In this case, hiring through a staffing agency can be the best choice. They have a vast talent pool where they can easily find any profile you’re looking for and have experience working with project-based people. So, it could be a massive task for your team, but it can be a breeze for an experienced staffing company. 

Use Case 3: Workforce in Manufacturing Is Being Hard to Find 

Hiring for manufacturing is not easy. Handling a large number of people and organizing them to operate the equipment can be very complicated, specifically when day-to-day events happen, someone falls sick, asks for vacation, or quits. 

This is one of many problems; according to The Manufacturing Institute, 93% of respondents were struggling to find the talent they needed for their companies. So, how can a staffing company help in this situation? 

Companies can rely on extra help to find the right talent, they can also manage to have an outsourced team to navigate workforce fluctuation, and they can also downsize and grow their team when needed. A competent staffing company can be the partner manufacturers didn’t know they needed! 

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