Eleven, to the next level

OSI celebrated its 11th anniversary with a full house.
As if to make a wish, on the 11th day of the 11th month, OSI turned 11. What started with 20 people now has almost 200 member representatives who made it possible to reach this milestone.

While being conscious of social distancing, OSI had a great turn out for the 11-year celebration;
we organized a live broadcast for all staff members. Two of OSI founders: our President Joel Ciniero and founding member Anthony Zabit, said a few words to commemorate this anniversary success story.

Anthony Zabit shared a sentiment of joy as a result of reaching this important milestone and shared his happiness with his decision to become a neighbor with everyone in attendance having recently moved with his wife and children to El Salvador.
“I want to start by thanking you all, for welcoming me to your beautiful country; on August 1st,
I moved with my wife and children here. We are all very happy to be living here in San Salvador. Thanks again for 11 wonderful years; I always loved El Salvador, and I remain committed to this country and its people’s success. Thank you very much”, said Zabit.

“Everyone is 11 years old today”. Please take a moment and feel the excitement, the sense of wonder, and the future possibilities of being 11 years old; that was part of the message from Joel Ciniero, President of OSI; referring to the fact that we are all entering a time where we will better understand what has been built in these ten years and that turning 11 begins a new stage of growth where OSI can better use its skills and size to tackle future opportunities.

“Today, not just OSI is 11; everyone here that is hearing me today is also 11. I want to thank you for being part of the this 
11-year-old body and I look forward to growing up with you to be healthy adults together”.

Said Joel Ciniero.

Turning 11 years old is synonymous with a new beginning. It is where we stop being children and begin to grow, where we better understand the why of things, develop a strong sense of self, and perfect the capabilities of our physical development. So it is for OSI on its 11th birthday. We are bigger, we are better, and we are stronger than before. Without you, OSI could not be 11. Thank you for making these 11 years possible.

“I come to work every day, and each one of you reminds me that we are growing. With our work, we create a lot of good for El Salvador as well as in the countries where we offer our services. Thank you for your participation in this great organization called OSI. Without you, there would be no me.
I believe in you, and our clients believe in you. Thank you very much for everything”, said Joel Ciniero.

Happy Anniversary OSI