Our Services

Professionalism and efficiency are our guarantees to you.

What we do


From graphic design to social media, we can outsource any job that does
not require a physical presence. Click here for more information!

BPO Services

Our specialized professionals are ready to tackle your core business needs. From finances to marketing and design, we can assist you with your KPO needs.

Back office Outsourcing

OSI’s administrative personnel are skilled in their field and will handle your back-office operations with efficiency. Whether it’s data management or payment processing, OSI has you covered.

Nearshore Outsourcing

Your company will benefit from having its outsourced operations handled in a nearby country. We are just two to three hours away via air from many U.S. cities.

Front Office Outsourcing

It’s important to take care of every point-of-contact with your clients. That’s why we assure you that our agents are prepared to take care of your customers with the professionalism and respect that they deserve.

Knowledge Process Outsourcing

Accounting Outsourcing

Your company’s finances will be safe and up to date with our team of accounting professionals. OSI can assist you with any financial processes you may need.

Accounts Payable

Our detail-oriented staff will aptly manage your invoices.

Revenue Assurance

We will assure that your revenues and costs are under control.

Collection Services

We offer effective and professional collection services customized to fit your business.

Customer Billing Services

We provide high-quality support in all your billing areas.

Focused • Trustworthy • Organized

HR Outsourcing

We will professionally and delicately handle all your employees’ needs. Our human resources (HR) professionals are ready to take care of your people as you would want them taken care of.


It’s important to get new hires ready to work for your company from day one.


We understand that all your HR efforts are useless if you don’t have the right people on your team.


KPIs are vital to measure and analyze the results of your HR strategies.


Our HR team handles the onboarding process with sensitivity and hospitality.

People oriented • Approachable • Organized

IT Outsourcing

Our information technology (IT) support professionals are analytical, tech savvy and resourceful. They will be the backbone of your IT structure, efficiently giving tech support and developing tech-related tasks for your business.

Network Operations Center

Your modern network operations center is manned by our well-trained and certified IT workforce.

Network Monitoring

Our IT experts will remotely secure and protect your network from any internal and external threats.

Network Engineering

Leave your network engineering needs in the skilled hands of our sophisticated IT engineers.

Help Desk Support

Your company will receive high-quality tech support with a quick rate of turnaround.

Analytical • Tech savvy • Resourceful

Sales Outsourcing

Our team of sales experts are highly driven and goal oriented. They will generate leads, set appointments and close sales at a high rate for your business.

Appointment & Lead Generation

Let our sales team generate qualified leads for you.

Pre-Sales Support

Our sales team has the know-how and expertise needed to help secure deals.

Transactional Sales

We can assist you from order entry to processing and fulfillment.

Catalog Sales Support

We have a highly skilled team that will follow and close your product catalog leads.

Driven • Persuasive • Positive

Customer Service Outsourcing

Place your customers in good hands with our highly trained and empathetic customer service representatives. They will make sure your clients are treated well; with a mindful, caring and thorough service.

Customer Support

Every business needs an excellent customer support department that produces customer loyalty.

Account Management

Our account managers will put you at peace knowing your business is in trusted hands.

Customer Retention

Reduce turnover with our team and their “win-back” initiatives that increase customer retention.

Customer Survey

We will design, gather and tabulate the data and insights that you value from your clients.

Repectful • Mindful • Caring

Operations Outsourcing

Our operations specialists are meticulous in their planning and diligent in their execution. Your business projects are in qualified and skilled hands with OSI.

Project Management

You will receive high quality service from the initial planning to its final implementation.

Event Coordination

Get complete event coordination services with extreme attention to detail.

New Customer Installation

We help your business through the entire installation process.

Strategic • Meticulous • Diligent

We can outsource for your company any position that does not require a physical presence.

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