Why Outsource With Us?

We have highly talented professionals, who bring exceptional value and skills to support your business needs.

Our Outsourcing Benefits

Revenue Growth

Increase bottom line profits by reducing overhead expenses and hiring costs. Eliminate labor litigation risk, while also improving customer experience and business processes.

Reliable People

Our professionals are qualified and talented.  Their neutral accent makes them sound like they could be in any major US city. OSI employees become a trustworthy branch of your business.

Great Location

We are in El Salvador, Central America; Our central U.S. time zone location means your team will be at work when you are. We are just a 2-hour flight away from Miami.

Strong Economics

The US has strong bilateral commercial relationships with El Salvador in both trade and investment. Financial transactions are simple and  currency exchange risks are eliminated as the country’s official currency is the $US.

Why Central America?

A convenient location, hard-working culture and attractive economy make El Salvador your best outsourcing option.

El Salvador is a bilingual-speaking county in Latin America, its main languages are Spanish & English. The country is regarded as having one of the most neutral english accents in Latin America. You can rest assure that your team will be able to communicate in an efficient and professional manner.

El Salvador shares the same time zone half of the year with CST and the other half of the year with MST. This allows us to work in perfect syncronization with any US company; including yours.

Salvadorans are friendly, educated and hard working. A large population of their workforce consists of young and committed professionals with excellent work ethics. The Salvadoran culture supports a strong work ethic combined with traditional family values.

The Republic of El Salvador is a constituent democracy comprising of three branches of government – executive, legislative and judicial. The President and Vice President constitute the executive branch and are democratically elected for a five-year term.

There are 13 technical/specialized education trade institutes and 25 universities offering technical, bachelors and master’s degrees in the country. Many schools include the English subject in their classes and almost all universities require students to pass an English standardized test to get their bachelor’s diploma.

El Salvador’s International Airport is regarded as one of the most modern and safest in Central America.  Main airlines serving in El Salvador include: Delta Airlines, Avianca Hub, American Airlines, United Airlines, Copa Airlines, Spirit and Aeromexico.

Our Approach:

Our method is designed to fully understand your business needs and design an Outsourcing model that fits your company.

1 . Survey

Every plan needs a solid foundation. Let us survey your business and discover your areas of growth and opportunity. Once we know what your needs are, we will suggest innovative ways to address and meet your business goals.

2 . Tailor

You should never be satisfied with a cookie-cutter operation. OSI can create a customized solution that fits the vision and expectations of your organization. Let us work alongside you to come up with a solution that fits.

3 . Approach

No solution is successful without a comprehensive approach. When it comes time to create a readiness plan for your business, we do not leave any stone unturned. We will address scope, timelines, deadlines, and risk to make sure your business is set up for success.

4 . Review

A plan is just a plan unless you put the right pieces in place to make it work. That’s why our team is here; creating budget forecasts, managing your costs, and building a custom workforce to bring your ideas to life.

5 . Transitions

A successful transition can never be underestimated, especially when your business is on the line. OSI is skilled at phasing your business into the next stage, without the growing pains you would normally expect. From plan execution to formal wrap-up meetings, OSI will make you succeed.

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