A Guide to Why Your Business Should Use a Staffing Agency

A Guide to Why Your Business Should Use a Staffing Agency

Today, we want to answer an essential question: why use a staffing agency? 

A staffing agency is a company that pairs people looking for jobs and employers. The staffing company manages their law-compliant contracts, their vacations, and even the termination of the contract. In other words, the talent they find works as an outsourced team for your company.  

So, why use a staffing agency? There can be many answers to this question, but it all comes down to its excellent benefits! 

Why Use a Staffing Agency: The Benefits  

Staffing companies offer a wide range of solutions. They can help you with temporary contracts, permanent placements, outsourced workforce, and even as a human resource consultant. This can help your company save time and stay law-compliant while using its experience and skill set to your benefit. 

As part of this guide, we’ll go through each stage of a staffing agency’s work and its pertinent benefits. 

Step 1: Looking For the Right Talent 

You already have work to do from the moment you post a job position on different hiring platforms. Going through hundreds of applications and looking for the right person for your team can be QUITE time-consuming. In fact, a new position takes an average of 42 days to fill, but this number can change depending on the industry. 

Well, a staffing agency has more tools that can allow them to make this task faster and more efficient. They already have databases, networks, and previous applicants that can be just the person that you’re looking for. And let’s remember they are a complete team of experienced talent hunters (instead of the one-person job you might encounter). 

Also, when it comes to the interviews, they already have different filters and tests to measure the applicants’ knowledge.   

Step 2: All Team Members Onboard! 

After finding the right candidate, staffing agencies take charge of administrative tasks, paperwork, and initial training, ensuring the contract is legally compliant, and the new employee has all the tools, introductions, and training to develop their work immediately. 

Working with a skilled staffing company can save you time and give you peace of mind, knowing someone highly specialized is taking care of your team’s selection, making sure everything is in order. 

Step 3: Talent Management and Effectiveness 

Now that the employee is hired and settled in, there are some other things that staffing agencies handle. 

They manage the administrative aspects of employment, including payroll, vacations, benefits, sick leaves, etc. Staffing companies handle all other administrative tasks that might appear in the way. This goes all the way down to the termination of their contract. This allows your company to focus on core business functions while ensuring that employment processes comply with relevant laws and regulations. 

Staffing Companies as Your Cost-Effective Solution 

In other words, staffing companies can help you find specialized talent tailored to your needs in record time. They save you time and money that your team can spend focusing on their day-to-day activities without going out of their way to look for candidates and managing new talent. 

They also have the expertise to know what to look for, ask the right questions, and negotiate properly with the employee, especially if it’s a staffing company that specializes in certain areas, for example, technology, customer support, or law firms, to name a few. 

Why Should OSI Be Your Staffing Agency! 

At OSI, we count on 11 years of experience finding the right talent for companies. We find solutions tailored to your needs and know how to ensure quality, expertise, and effectiveness. Contact us, and let’s start finding the missing piece of your team’s success.