The Winds of Change

One of the best things about visiting or living in El Salvador is the weather. The small, picturesque country where Outsourcing Services International has been based for more than ten years boasts a tropical climate with a wet and dry season. That may not sound overly appealing, but “wet” is a bit of a misnomer. During the rainy season, which runs from roughly May to October, it typically rains in the late afternoon and evening and is otherwise mostly clear. A gentle shower puts you to sleep at night and, the following morning, the sun wakes you. The dry season lives up to its name, with little precipitation from November to April, but it’s not unbearably hot. So while your friends and family in other parts of the world are suffering through brutal winters, it’s 80 degrees Fahrenheit and sunny here.

As we enter the final quarter of the year, and transition from the wet to dry season, we are reminded of the imminent changes by Los Vientos de Octubre (the October Winds). This term has transcended from generation to generation and is inspiring and nostalgic for many Salvadorans. They fondly recall the gentle breezes and cooler weather of their youth—putting on long-sleeve shirts or sweaters and flying homemade piscuchas (kites) with their classmates, friends, and siblings. The winds also signal that Día de Los Muertos (Day of the Dead), Christmas, and New Year’s are just around the corner. Families will congregate and share stories. Gifts and food will also be exchanged. One will be forced to evaluate his or her former New Year’s resolutions and to make new ones for the coming year.

The October Winds seem to carry with them a general sense of hope and goodwill.

At OSI, we like to ride these winds toward our clients’ goals—to achieve all of the lofty expectations we set at the beginning of the year. We like to finish the year as we began it: strong. We also start to plan and strategize for the following 365 days, assuring that they, too, will be productive, fulfilling, and rewarding for us and all of our clients.

Is your company on track to meet its end-of-the-year goals? Could you use a boost—a gentle breeze to push you toward the finish line and carry you into the new year? At OSI, we have 200 employees who are trained and qualified to assist your company and to add value to it. We provide quality service at a reduced cost, which is always a boost, regardless of the time of year. Our goal is to fully understand your goals and to design an outsourcing model that helps you meet and surpass them.

As fall descends on the United States, and Los Vientos de Octubre begin to shake the fruit trees of El Salvador, we want to wish you all a Happy October and productive final quarter of 2021! May the wind be at your back!