The best is yet to come!

Two months ago, we wrote about Independence Day in the United States and Central America. With the holiday being celebrated on September 15 throughout Central America, we wanted to revisit the topic, focusing more on the bicentennial celebration and El Salvador, which Outsourcing Services International calls home.  

As detailed in the previous blog, on September 15, 1821, five Central American countries—El Salvador, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Honduras and Nicaragua—declared independence from Spain. Throughout September, these countries celebrate with food, parades, piñatas, music, dancing and other special events and festivities. A torch is hand carried and passed person to person through each of the countries. Lanterns, symbolizing hope and freedom, line the streets.

This year marks 200 years (el bicentenario) of independence for these five countries! And despite the COVID-19 pandemic, the celebrations are expected to be spirited, if somewhat smaller and more subdued than they would otherwise be.

In El Salvador, Independence Day is a national holiday and one of the most important of the year. Many employees have the day off—no small gesture in country full of hard, dedicated workers. In most cities, including the capital San Salvador, floral offerings and student parades and military ceremonies are held.

For this historic Independence Day, the mayor’s office of San Salvador and the national Ministry of Culture have scheduled a few special events. Government officials are expected to gather in Liberty Square in downtown San Salvador to honor the heroes of the country’s independence. According to event calendar Cuando Pasa, a military-style show, replete with jets and paratroopers, will be held at Jorge “Mágico” Gonzáles stadium.

Two hundred years of independence is a significant mark and certainly worth celebrating. Here at OSI, we recently celebrated a landmark anniversary—10 years in business, 10 years of learning and growing, 10 years of providing independence, so to speak, for our clients. Independence from busywork. The freedom for your staff to focus on what it does best. The promise of your company fulfilling its potential.

Gaining independence is a difficult battle and a collaborative effort. Many people play a part in the independence we proudly provide to our clients, beginning with the clients themselves and their staffs and our 200 highly trained employees, most of whom are from El Salvador.

Congratulations, El Salvador, on 200 years of independence and “Feliz Día de la Independencia!” We truly believe the best is yet to come for the country—and for our company!