Land & Sea

We are, of course, biased when it comes to El Salvador. Outsourcing Services International was founded in this small, picturesque Central American country and has been based here for more than 10 years. Most of our employees are from here and those who are not have come to proudly call the country home.

Though biased, we feel we are being at least somewhat objective and realistic. There truly is a lot to love about El Salvador: fresh food and drinks, mild weather, friendly and hardworking people, affordability. But perhaps its most appealing feature is accessibility.

At 8,000 square miles (21,000 kilometers), El Salvador is the smallest country in Central America. This, in many ways, works to its advantage. Though there is plenty of breathing room in the country, especially outside of the capital city San Salvador, nothing is too far away; nothing is more than a three- or four-hour drive—and it’s usually much shorter than that. The entire southern border is coastline, wide and pristine. Distinct volcanoes and turquoise lakes dot the lush landscape. Want to visit an artisan market? There is one close by in pueblos bonitos like Juayua, Ataco and Suchitoto. Want cooler, fresher air for the weekend? Visit one of the many mountains, including northern-border landmark Cerro El Pital, the country’s highest point.

Naturally, OSI has taken on many attributes of the country where we are based. We have, in the context of this article, some things in common. Our 200 employees are friendly and hardworking. We are affordable and save you money in the long term. We’re not the biggest outsourcing company in the world, but we have a lot to offer. And, perhaps most importantly, we’re accessible. Though your company and OSI may be in different countries, we are always close by and available.

In short, we think there’s a lot to love about El Salvador and OSI. But, again, we’re biased. You will have to explore the country and the company yourself and make your own determinations and comparisons. If you do, we’re confident you’ll be pleasantly surprised by both.