10 Must Do’s for B2B Sales

Selling to other businesses is not just an art, but also a science. B2B sales are high-stakes and require a totally different playbook from B2C sales. Want to start closing more B2B sales? Here are 10 things you need to start doing.

Our Best Tips to Close More B2B Sales

  1. Move straight to the employees who have purchasing power within an organization. Instead of spending weeks developing relationships with purchasing managers, you should work with key stakeholders who can actually give you the budget needed and make a purchasing decision.
  2. Focus on outcomes instead of the logistics and details of your product or service. The businesses you are selling to are less interested in the nuances of your product than how your product can help the bottom line.
  3. Be clear about how your business is different from other competitors. How is the value that you offer greater than the value others offer? What is your value proposition? Don’t beat around the bush.
  4. Whenever possible, you should complete B2B sales personally. Now at days you don’t even have to visit your client, you can close a deal through a Skype meeting or WhatsApp call. This is especially important if you are selling products that require a significant investment.
  5. Stand behind your prices. The right target for your B2B sales is a business who cares about the value you provide and the results of your services, not low prices.
  6. Make an effort to understand the business that you are selling to. What problems exist in everyday processes? Do the challenges cost them a certain amount every year? Identifying stumbling blocks and addressing them will increase the likelihood of closing a sale.
  7. Don’t take it personally if a negotiation session does not go well. Remain calm, and don’t let yourself be intimidated by a potential customer who is less-than-receptive. Just like sharks, many business owners can sense your fear. The moment there is blood in the water, your deal is over.
  8. If you are creating a proposal for a specific prospect, give them more than one option. If you offer one price and one option, business owners are more likely to shop around elsewhere.
  9. Keep in touch. If you don’t hear from your prospect for a while, keep returning to answer questions and check in. Just like your business, the businesses you are selling to are very busy! Respect that the sales process can take much longer than the B2C channel.
  10. Finally, don’t let old leads fall by the wayside. Even though you are not right for a business right now, that does not mean you will not be right for that business in the future.


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