How to Outsource Your Sales Efficiently

Outsourcing is a proven way to deliver major sales benefits for companies of any size throughout the globe. Choosing to outsource your sales offers you access to top-tier sales talent at a fraction of the cost.

Why Outsource Sales?

Instead of placing an ad for sales professionals online, working through the hiring process and then needing to train your new hires, you can skip straight to having high-quality, experienced talent with outsourcing. From cold calling to strategic targeting, the outsourcing agency that you partner with can link you with the right offshore professionals for the job. Opting to outsource your sales also gives you a direct line to talent you might not be able to attract independently. A skilled outsourced sales team will also support your existing management team and refine the sales and targeting process over time.

Follow the Pareto Principle

The Pareto Principle, which leading businesses utilize to streamline the training process, suggests focusing your training on the 20% of knowledge that is needed about 80% of the time. Instead of detailing every possible situation that a sales professional might encounter, center your training on the skills that sales personnel need the majority of the time. If your outsourced sales staff do not have sufficient information to deal with customer concerns, allow them to pass those customers off to your existing internal sales team.

Pay Attention to Industry Expertise

While one outsourced sales firm might excel at getting sales for a company in another industry, that doesn’t mean that they have the expertise to help your company thrive. Selling to consumers is completely different from selling to businesses, and selling to HVAC contractors is different from selling to software firms. If your sales reps aren’t familiar with industry-specific lingo, they might have difficulty showing expertise in conversations with customers.


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