How to Keep Your Outsourced Workforce Motivated

Gaining an outsourced workforce is always exciting. What could be bad about capable team members at cost-effective prices who can increase your productivity? However,without the right outsourcing partner, you might need to work to keep your outsourced workforce motivated.

What Issues Can Arise with an External Workforce?

While outsourcing is a wonderful tool for businesses of every size, there are a few hiccups that might throw your business for a loop. These problems can occur with every type of external employees, whether the employees are freelancers or outsourced workers. Choosing the right outsourcing partner can prevent:

  • Lack of connection to company culture due to the remote location
  • Procrastination on assignments and rushing to meet the deadline
  • Lack of control over the way that employees work
  • Lack of motivation

Solving the lack of motivation problem often solves the other three. How can you keep your outsourced workforce highly motivated?

Offer Long-Term Potential

What will outsourced employees get if the project is excellent quality? Will there be a chance for them to come on board long-term? Putting long-term collaboration on the table is an excellent way to ensure consistent quality throughout the duration of projects. If you have the budget to do so, you can also scale pay up as a project continues to keep employees motivated to put out excellent work.

Give Feedback

If you have an outsourced worker that you believe is not performing to the best of his or her ability, don’t be afraid to give constructive feedback. In some cases, workers do not realize that you would like the work completed in another way. In other cases, workers do not see the significance of the work being performed. Using a task management software like Trello can allow you to offer encouragement and feedback to employees in your office or offshore.

Communication Is Key

Imagine your in-office employees entering, silently sitting down at desks and going through the workday without making a sound. How would the office energy level be affected? Would your employees be excited to return the next day? In many ways, an outsourced workforce is similar. Communicating with your outsourced employees, even if the communication is asking what the priorities are for the day or telling them to have a good weekend, is essential to increasing motivation and productivity.

Choose the Right Outsourcing Partner

If you choose the right outsourcing partner for your business, the outsourcing company will take care of these common issues. Reputable companies like Outsourcing Services International have a suite of benefits and programs to keep your entire outsourced workforce motivated.