Why Customer Service is Not Only a Service

Customer ExperienceWhen a customer comes to you with a problem, a request or an inquiry, how does your business respond? Most loyal customers are not made in an instant, but instead cultivated over a period of positive and helpful customer care and interactions. Customer experience is an integral part of maintaining a valuable brand today, and companies need to understand that there’s more behind the person that makes a purchase or a business with you. It’s all about their satisfaction.

Customers Expect Quality

Customers have high expectations for customer service, which is why many businesses look outside of their building to get what they need. Almost 54% of companies use third-party customer experience support teams to satisfy customer needs. Good customer service goes beyond closing a sale or lead them where to find what they’re looking for. It’s about providing a friendly smile and be able to solve their needs, even if they don’t know what they need, and make sure that their experience finish in a happy customer.

Scalable Support

If you’re like many businesses, some parts of the year are busier than others. Many e-commerce businesses have adequate customer support staffing during the slower months but struggle around the holidays and during other peak shopping periods. There simply isn’t time to search for, hire and train a fleet of customer service staff for a brief period. This is the part where we play an important role, Outsourcing allows you to rapidly scale up your customer support department in accordance with need, and all outsourced employees will come to you trained and ready to work.

Highly-Trained Representatives

When our customer experience professionals interact with your customers, we treat them as if they were our own. They are all trained and re-trained in the best methods for solving customer issues and overcoming challenges with a positive resolution on both sides. When you start thinking about outsource your customer service with Outsourcing Services International your entire organization will benefit from compassionate and knowledgeable customer care experts dedicated to you and your customers.

Gain a Competitive Edge

Many businesses are nervous about outsourcing customer experience tasks because they worry that their customer service quality will decline. However, in reality, most businesses spend the majority of their customer service time working on level 1 or level 2 tickets and not more complex tasks. Save your employees time answering basic questions like “What is my account number?” or “When will my order be delivered?” with outsourcing. Imagine the competitive edge that your business could gain if even a percentage of low-level requests could be answered by someone else.

Make more happy customers and a better experience

We are committed to help businesses like yours grow and thrive in a competitive, changing marketplace.

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