Transforming The World: Happy International Women’s Day.

International Women’s DayAt Outsourcing Services International, we are proud of the work that all of our women leaders do every day in their communities and at our business. We commemorate their role and remarkable work in our company on March 8th, which is known around the world as International Women’s Day.

International Women’s Day 2019

The theme of this year’s International Women’s Day is #BalanceforBetter. The campaign is trying to bring to light the many ways that we can all promote a more gender-balanced world every day and raise awareness about gender bias. Balance is not just a women’s issue, but also a corporate and business issue. As time goes on, many countries are making progress towards gender-balanced boardrooms, government and more. One study of over 2,350 companies found that businesses with at least one woman on the board outperformed those without women board members by a whopping 26% over the course of six years. Beyond the benefits for your business, International Women’s Day is a phenomenal opportunity to recognize all of the women who work diligently for a better tomorrow. We are incredibly lucky to live in a world and country filled with such strong, powerful women.

How Can Your Business Recognize International Women’s Day?

Think critically about how your business could work to #BalanceforBetter. Is your company balanced in terms of gender representation? What more could you be doing to encourage professional women in your company? Recognizing the women in your workplace on International Women’s Day with a special lunch or morning tea is another small way to give back. Even a cup of coffee can make the working women in your office feel special.

We’re Proud to Be a Company of Professional Women

At Outsourcing Services International, many of the women in our company are leaders of certain departments, such as Human Resources, where they work tirelessly to encourage our teams to reach new heights of success every day with the leadership and their remarkable and talented efforts. We take hiring seriously, and whether you are working with a man or a woman at Outsourcing Services International, we know that you will appreciate our creativity, skills and professionalism. Our work environment is positive, and we offer an extremely competitive compensation and benefit package to retain such high-quality employees. We are truly proud to be a company that takes uplifting and supporting women seriously.

Commemorate International Women’s Day with Outsourcing Services International

Outsourcing Services International is dedicated to helping businesses like yours grow and thrive in a competitive, changing marketplace with committed professionals and strong work ethic.

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