The 3 Best Types Administrative Tasks to Outsource

administrative tasksDo you feel like you always have more tasks to get done in a day than you have hours in a day? One recent survey of small business owners found that 41% of business owners say administrative tasks take away passion and energy from running other parts of the company. How much time do entrepreneurs waste every year just completing administrative tasks? Over 4 billion hours. If you’re ready to reclaim your time, outsourcing administrative tasks is a great place to start.

Data Entry

Regardless of the size of your business, data entry is critical to your success. Accuracy, timeliness and efficiency are all important when it comes to data entry, and finding the right employee can be difficult. In many cases, it is much more convenient to outsource data entry administrative tasks instead of keeping them in-house. For every business, time is money. Asking employees without the proper skill set to devote time to data entry is a waste of time and money. Outsourcing your data entry ensures that your employees will have time to work on other tasks and data will be entered quickly and accurately. What administrative tasks could you outsource as data entry?

  • Entry from printed and handwritten documents
  • PDF conversion
  • Scanning
  • OCR proofreading
  • Data enrichment
  • Data capture
  • Indexing
  • Order processing
  • Digitization into different formats
  • Data extraction
  • List creation
  • Internet research
  • Email mining and list customization

Scheduling Tasks

The receptionist is the warm, inviting face of your business. However, every company cannot afford adequate receptionist staff for the volume of scheduling, rescheduling and customer service tasks required to provide excellent service. Outsourcing these administrative tasks will free up time in your schedule and enable you to provide a higher level of service. Rescheduling deliveries, scheduling appointments, coordinating reservations, event planning, logistical coordination and fielding inquiries from potential customers can all be crossed off of your list.

Financial Tasks

Almost 40% of United States companies currently outsource payroll processing and other financial tasks, and there are many reasons why. Processing payroll takes a surprisingly long amount of time and requires a high level of attention to detail. Those who outsource payroll tasks also benefit from advanced software and technologies, as well as enhanced back-end security. You’ll also never need to worry about your compliance with government regulations, because professional payroll companies like Outsourcing Service International know how to follow all rules.

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