Everyone Wants It, No One Does It 5 Essential Steps to Rebrand Your Business

Rebrand Your Business

Whether your business has been operating for 5 years or 50 years, it might be time to consider rebranding. This exciting process can turn a good company into a great one seemingly overnight! If you are repositioning your business or expanding your suite of services, there are several essential steps that you must take to rebrand your business.

Think About Why You Want to Rebrand Your Business

Before you determine what should change, you need to consider the motivation behind your rebrand. The most common motivations include:

  • Competing at a higher level in your current vertical
  • Expanding to a new market
  • Your brand no longer aligning with who you are and what you’re about
  • Merging with a new company
  • Leaving a parent company
  • Refocusing your message
  • Using a new dynamic marketing team
  • Adding a new line of services

Consider Your Target

Once you have defined your core motivation for rebranding, you should consider your new target. This means that you need to research both the current market perception of your existing brand and the preferences of your clients. Without external research, the only perspective you will have is your own.

Create Your Brand Identity

This is one of the more exciting parts of choosing to rebrand your business! Your brand identity refers to all of the visual elements that represent your business. These visual elements can include your logo, tagline, business card design, letterhead, colors, webpage design, social media presence and more. Once your brand identity has been solidified, you can collect the specifications in a brand style guidelines document to ensure standardization across marketing materials.

Put Your Brand Identity into Practice

Once you’ve determined your brand style guidelines, you can put them into action. You should build up or make over your online presence for industry sites, social networks and your own website. A business that is rebranding should also update all marketing collateral including proposal templates, brochures, trade show materials and promotional giveaways. Everything in your office and out in the world that represents your company should match. This is the phase where your dreams start to become exciting reality!

Time to Launch

Once all of the behind-the-scenes work is done, it’s time to launch your new brand. You will need to complete an internal relaunch and an external relaunch. When deciding to rebrand your business, it’s tempting to rush through the process to reap the benefits of a new brand identity. However, taking your time and thinking carefully about every decision will get you the best results.

Choosing a Partner

Outsourcing Services International is dedicated to helping businesses like yours grow and thrive in a competitive marketplace. OSI has a staff of experts that will bring years of experience and knowledge to your rebranding process. Whether you are looking to create a presence through an e-marketing campaign, update your social media presence or post to your own YouTube channel; OSI has the expertise to get it done affordably. Rebranding is not just a logo, it’s how your customers perceive you and your products.

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