Top 10 Misconceptions About Outsourcing

It’s not a secret that outsourcing is one of the best ways to increase efficiency and boost revenue for companies throughout the globe. If you’re like most business owners, the thought of making your company stronger while keeping payroll under control is exciting. Unfortunately, there are many misconceptions about how BPO (Business Process Outsourcing) services work and these myths hold companies back from reaching new heights of success. Today, we’re diving into the top 10 misconceptions about BPO services.

BPO Services Are Expensive

Some businesses think of BPO services as only a cost. In reality, these services are an investment. Outsourcing eliminates many administrative costs and HR expenses that inflate your annual budget.

You Need to Be Big to Benefit

Another common myth is that companies need to be large to benefit from outsourcing. In reality, small and medium-sized businesses can benefit a tremendous amount by outsourcing services instead of hiring part-time employees or finding freelancers to get the job done. HR costs, payroll and numerous other expenses will be lower when you choose to outsource, regardless of company size. 

BPO Services Will Ruin Your Corporate Culture

Corporate culture is the backbone of every successful business, and preserving it is not just your goal, but also the goal of any quality outsourcing company. Engaged and talented teams in your business and outside of your country will boost productivity, which will in turn positively impact your corporate culture. 

In-House Staffing Is More Affordable

In some cases, it is more cost-effective to invest in your own company instead of a third-party solution. Staffing is not one of those cases! Having an in-house staffing department costs a great deal more than choosing to outsource. 

You Will Lose Control of Your Business

It can be stressful allowing another company to take over a portion of your operations, but partnering with an experienced BPO services company will not put your business at risk. Great partners are dedicated to upholding the same standards that you do every day in your business. 

The Only Reason to Outsource is Saving Money

Cost is certainly a factor when you choose to outsource, but skill is another reason. If you need an employee with a specialized skill but can’t afford to pay a salary and benefits, BPO services can provide you with employees who are skilled at a fraction of the cost of employing them on your own. Outsourcing also allows your company to concentrate on your core business activities, increasing profits and efficiency. 

Choosing to Outsource is New

It might seem like outsourcing is more common because of technology, but it’s been around for decades. Even in the 18th century many activities, like legal services and engineering, were outsourced to specialized firms. 

Your Quality Will Suffer

No company wants to deliver customers and consumers an inferior product, and the pervasive myth that deciding to outsource means a poor-quality product deters many companies. As long as you are partnering with a reputable company dedicated to quality control, you don’t need to worry about poor results being an issue. 

Data Is at Risk

Data security is a serious issue, and protecting sensitive company and customer information is of the utmost importance. Your outsourcing company should take protecting your customers as seriously as you do and guard all proprietary and private information with proper security protocols. Look for an outsourcing company with at least three layers of security and established procedures for handling sensitive information.

BPO Services Weaken the Economy

Would you be surprised to learn that BPO services actually strengthen the United States economy by allowing companies to get business done with a higher level of productivity and efficiency? It’s true! During the hardware boom of 1995-2002, choosing to outsource increased productivity 2.5-2.8% which added a whopping $230 billion to US output. Outsourcing makes US companies more competitive and also lowers the cost of goods and services in the market. 

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