Spontaneity Versus Routine

There seem to be two prevailing thoughts on having a routine—a regimented schedule that you follow on a daily basis: It is monotonous and kills creativity and spontaneity; and it builds discipline and muscle memory and increases productivity.

If we took an informal poll in the OSI office, our guess is that the majority of our employees believe in the power of routine. After all, a company doesn’t grow from 15 employees to 200 in 10 years without being anchored by a consistent and disciplined staff. (At the same time, we try to leave room for creativity and spontaneity.) Also, many of our team members have multiple tasks in the office, families at home, take classes to continue to bolster their professional credentials, have hobbies and passions outside of work, etc. It’s tough to get everything done efficiently and effectively without some structure.

One habit practiced by many of our employees is meditation. That word may call to mind a bald Buddhist sitting atop a mountain, dressed in a cloth robe, eyes closed, hands in prayer formation. But the word has multiple meanings, from taking a five-minute break from your electronic devices and clearing your head to taking an hour-and-a-half-long yoga class that focuses on breathing and reflection.

While El Salvador, where OSI is based, may not be the first country that comes to mind when you think of meditation, it’s actually an ideal place for it. The country is small and its capital, San Salvador, is loud and bustling, but there are many quiet and peaceful places here. These include landmarks like Lago de Coatepeque (Coatepeque Lake), the towns of Juayua and Suchitoto, El Zonte and Costa del Sol beaches and the San Salvador and Santa Ana volcanoes. The scenery is absolutely stunning! The country is also home to a variety of yoga retreats and studios, many of which are resuming normal activities, including Eco Yoga Retreats (@ecoyogaretreats) and Yogashala (@yogashala_sv) and Akasha (@akasha_sv).

Whether you and your employees believe in routine or prefer a more spontaneous approach—or perhaps have found some middle ground between the two—you can, no doubt, benefit from a relationship with OSI. Our highly skilled and disciplined staff becomes part of your team, strengthening the fabric and structure you already have in place. We handle your busywork effectively and efficiently, giving your employees more time to be creative, more time to brainstorm the ideas that separate you from the competition. Companies that partner with us, regardless of their philosophy or approach, lower expenses without compromising quality and increase revenue. Furthermore, OSI is based in an affordable and vastly underrated country. We’re in the same general time zone as the United States and just a two-hour flight from Miami. Financial transactions are simple, as El Salvador’s official currency is the U.S. dollar. It’s an ideal place to do a little business … and then relax and forget about it all on a spacious, white beach or a dizzying, green mountaintop.