Serve Others Before Ourselves.

This has been the phrase that I have kept in my heart during my career, becoming this way the cornerstone of my working life in the Human Resources field and my continuous search for an organizational culture closer to people.

At OSI, understanding people and the business needs and fit them with each other properly is our top priority.

We faced with a virus that was expanding rapidly. Our type of business and proactivity of our directors allowed us to operate at the same speed, creating a safer environment for everyone, professional and personal, since the first day. We activated our contingency plan in case of emergencies where everyone had access to their laptop for the continuity of their work. That was the moment where the real challenge for Human Management began; Deleting everything that had been planned for our collaborators in terms of motivation from the map and activating us to a new working model that was now all remote. When we say Human Management, I mean all those who have the important task of impacting the lives of others positively, and this is not limited only to those who are in a Human Resources department.

We are living in a period where flexibility should be a skill to practice every day; times of immediate change, the constant challenge is knowing how to move. Human Management at OSI has been continuously moving, adapting, evolving, innovating.

We remain on our committed that “Serving others before ourselves” will always give the correct result, prioritizing that our people live an authentic organizational culture where they and their needs are important; For this reason, we continue to work tirelessly on new ways on how to surprise them both leaders and teams members.

To those of us who have this beautiful job of managing teams, I extend the invitation you to follow our instinct to impact lives positively, and businesses will continue to move in the right direction.

Also, in these moments of national emergency, it is time to take that knowledge beyond our corporation. It is time to give others without expecting anything in return, to move, to innovate, to be flexible, to understand the needs of others and most important impacting lives in a positive way.

Angie Menendez

OSI HR Director