Sales Tasks You Can Outsource Right Now

Sales Tasks
Your business relies on your sales team to bring in new prospects, increase revenue and keep your doors open. However, how much time does your sales team spend actually speaking with prospects? Unfortunately, many skilled salespeople spend hours every day tackling mundane sales tasks that could easily be outsourced to an affordable outsourcing services company. What sales tasks could you outsource immediately?

Prospect Contact Information

Finding accurate contact information for leads and prospects can take up a large amount of time. If you already have an idea of which companies, individuals or demographics you would like to reach out to, you can outsource the contact information collection process to save yourself time. Once the email addresses and phone numbers are collected, the information can be sent to you or added directly to your existing database.


Finding a time to meet with key decision makers and executives can be difficult, and many salespeople spend a significant portion of time simply trying to get an appointment on the calendar. Instead, outsource scheduling to a skilled third party to free up time and take one more thing off your sales team’s plate.

Researching Prospects

Before you sit down to a meeting with a prospective client, it’s important to compile some basic information on what the client needs, shared interests and the company. An outsourcing services company can complete research on prospects in advance and collect any information you need, format it in an easy-to-read manner and deliver it with plenty of time for you to prepare. The more that your sales team can prepare before a meeting, the higher the chances are of closing the deal.

Taking and Transcribing Minutes

schedulingRecording and transcribing minutes of important meetings is typically unpleasant and very tedious. It can be tricky for sales staff to take good minutes while still holding and leading a conversation, so why not leave this sales task to someone else? Professionals can compile minutes from a recording or transcribe entire meetings for your records.

Updating CRM Activities

No sales professionals or executives enjoy logging into CRM software, but the tasks inside still need to be completed. An outsourcing partner can take care of all of these routine tasks on your behalf with access to your CRM and your calendar. Regular updates to your CRM will ensure that you are always on track to complete things in order and on time.

Choose the Right Sales Tasks Outsourcing Partner

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