Is your business ready for quarantine? *COVID-19*

Disaster Recovery has always been a priority for all mission critical business operations, but have you considered the effects of home quarantine as the result of COVID 19?. We have been diligently working to put together an action plan to respond to the possibility of the spread of this virus globally.  

What is your contingency plan for COVID 19?

OSI cares first and foremost about the health and wellbeing of your valuable team members located in our office. We have initiated internal best practices and made available additional antibacterial products to ensure maximum hygiene in the workplace.

We have cared for our client’s team members and now we turn our attention to caring for their business.We have a Disaster Recovery option that we call “Workstation in a Briefcase”.

Each member of our client’s team who possesses a “Workstation in a Briefcase” will be capable of working remotely with greater data security and provide business continuity to our client and their business in any eventuality.

Here are some high-level benefits:


  • Portable devices (laptop computer with all needed accessories)
  • Laptop applications are provided over a Virtual Desktop session.
  • Data remains in the US to ensure data protection and security.
  • Same tools currently available to them to perform their daily tasks.
  • US DID (phone number) and an active phone line as an alternative call path. Additionally, a phone app with the same DID can be added to local cell phone for additional redundancy.
  • High speed internet access is readily available in many public locations as well as in individual homes.

Safety and Security:

  • Cloud services are available from everywhere but only to those authorized to access them.
  • Laptop is remotely managed and secured by Windows 10 Enterprise and Microsoft Intune.
  • Device access controlled with Multifactor Authentication and Conditional Access policy enforcement.
  • Hard drives are encrypted and can be reformatted remotely in the event of loss or theft.
  • Client company’s data is never exposed to the local laptop device as access is through a US Virtual Desktop instance.
  • Device performance is fast and reliable and can be managed on the fly remotely.

Location Redundancy:

  • Covered Team Member remote operating capability provides location diversity in the event of a local event.
  • OSI provides the ability for users to work from home or other remote location in the event of a disaster or quarantine.
  • OSI provides your organization with a Geo-diversity through bi-lateral space agreements for alternative office space should it be required.

We are hopeful this will not be the case, but the steps we are taking will provide for a strong business continuity plan in the event of a future disaster or event.

*As of this writing El Salvador remains free of any confirmed Corona Virus cases.