Fast Facts about OSI’s Pris Ayala

In recognition of Mother’s Day, which will be celebrated on May 9 in the United States and May 10
in El Salvador, we wanted to turn our attention to one of OSI’s many hardworking and multitalented employees who’s also a mom. The following is a list of fast facts about recruitment coordinator Pris Ayala, who’s married and has a three-year-old son. Pris is from San Salvador and has worked at OSI since October 2015. Her duties include communicating with clients, understanding the clients’ needs, creating recruitment strategies and keeping track of recruitment-related statistics. Her duties at home, of course, are too numerous to list.

Name: Pris Ayala

Title at OSI: Recruitment Coordinator

Duties: Communicating with clients, understanding the clients’ needs, creating recruitment strategies, keeping track of recruitment-related statistics, etc.

Has worked at OSI since: October 2015

Education: Universidad Don Bosco El Salvador (bachelor’s in languages with a concentration
in tourism)

Favorite subject in school: Science. I love nature and its processes. Learning about humans
and animals, knowing our origins.

Favorite thing about El Salvador: The beaches for their warm climate; I love to enjoy it with my family. The mountains for the excellent and cozy environment.

World’s favorite place to visit: The beaches of Australia; I love their landscapes, they are amazing!

Hobbies: Soccer, running, rock climbing, cooking and reading

Last book I read: Battlefield of the Mind by Joyce Meyer. It’s about how our mind works and how powerful our thoughts are. I loved it. I also read her biography and, in Battlefield of the Mind,
I understood everything that the writer has gone through.

Strangest job: My first job. I was 18 years old. I was starting college. So I dressed up as Disney characters — Cinderella, for example — and acted and animated children’s birthday parties.
I love children, talking and dancing and the best thing is that they paid me for that.

Best thing about working at OSI: It’s knowing that my opinion counts. That is something I really appreciate. Also, it is a good environment. It is an office, of course, but it feels like a second home.

Thoughts on Mother’s Day: This is my fourth Mother’s Day. It is a privilege to be a mom. It is surprising that countries around the world have a day to celebrate us. I try to cherish that day as much as I can, because I am proud to be a mom.

Goals at OSI: Continue to lead the recruiting department and make OSI an attractive company to work for.

Final thoughts: Being a working mom is challenging. It’s not easy. It’s a tough test, but I enjoy them. Indeed, I am up to the challenge.