New logo, reinforced values, same commitment.

A New way to work

Our foundation has served to make us who we are, Our new look will enable us to shine a bright light into an exciting future

Outsourcing Services International

We have built a business by providing high quality service with highly skilled individuals that are driven to help you grow your company. We are taking this 8th anniversary to renew our commitment to be a unique nearshore staffing solution.  Since OSI’s inception in El Salvador, we have focused on the benefit created for our employees through the success and growth of our clients.  We grow because you grow, OSI’s clients are smart business people who invested in growing their business by leveraging the great benefits of nearshoring.

This is our company,

Our Mission

We work hard on this every day.

We enable the growth of our client’s business by
providing unparalleled nearshore solutions through
a passionate team of professionals that are
oriented to deliver exceptional results.

We aim for the future

Our Vision

We trust our team to get us there.

Provide superior quality Outsourcing services
to our global client base that inspire
businesses to grow with us.

Core Values

A Great Company starts from inside


High quality equals value. We work hard until good is better and better best.

Innovation and Excellence

We look different because we are different. We are continuously moving forward, innovating, and improving.


There’s value in trust and transparency.We encourage an open-communication culture from our team members, clients and vendors.


Our spirited team-work culture makes us proud. We are committed to achieve common goals by showing a combination of support and care for each other.

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